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Our equipment

The engineering company HESS was founded in 1948 in Germany by Mr. Walter Hess.

HESS specializes in equipment for the production of rolled stones, ceilings, curly stones, road and tram crossings, navigators, cable sheets for over 60 years.

Using the latest technology and constantly improving the quality and reliability of its equipment, HESS has become a leading global manufacturer of concrete equipment. HESS has installed more than 6000 equipment and production lines in different countries of the world.
Advantages of the Vibropres technology:

- low cement consumption (220-240 kg / m3);
- drying of finished products in natural conditions - steam, etc. There is no need for
  heating with heating;
- quick and easy completion of the transition from one product range to another in
  the production process;
- a single control center and full automation of the entire production process;
- HESS Internet monitoring and control of production processes;
- minimal personnel control for high automation systems.
About product

The advantages of stone slabs compared to asphalt pavement:

- It is as hard as real natural stone;
- Maximum pressure tolerance (600 kg / sq. Cm);
- Durability and slight wear on the surface of the stone (04 g / cm);
- Resistance to climatic conditions (stone plates do not soften and do not emit
  carcinogenic substances in a hot or cold state);
- Chemical resistance (gasoline, engine oil, etc. Chemicals do not affect the tile);
- Aesthetic beauty - a combination of different colors, shapes and designs;
- No special conditions for transportation over long distances;
- Easy removal of stone slabs for repair and the ability to move after completion (this
  possibility is not possible for asphalt pavement).

For laying stone VibroStone there is no need for a metal frame, cement mixtures or adhesive elements.
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